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A-EON Technology acquires DvPlayer 14-Jun-2015
A-EON Technology are pleased to announce that, a year after becoming the sole distributor of DvPlayer, we have now secured the exclusive rights from its developer Stephen Fellner. Please refer to the official news release on the A-Eon Technology website.

DvPlayer and WarpView Christmas Offer! 13-Dec-2011
As Christmas is approaching I decided to give a gift to the Amiga community and offer, for a limited time only, both DvPlayer and WarpView at a 50% discount. Yes, that is half the normal price! I hope that this offer will make many of you happy and I would like to wish everyone in the Amiga community a peaceful Christmas as we approach a very promising year for the Amiga.

To purchase DvPlayer click on the Buy Now link. If you are interested in the special offer of the excellent WarpView Image Viewer/Manipulation program, visit the WarpView Webpage

DvPlayer 0.76 Released 28-Aug-2011
I'm happy to announce that after more than 3 years of development a new version of DvPlayer is finally available. This is a major release with many new features, changes and bug-fixes:
  • Added support for DVD subtitles. Subtitles can be selected in the subtitle menu when playing DVDs.
  • Added support for IFO files on DVDs to show audio and subtitle languages.
  • Added support for MPEG audio files, including VBR (Variable BitRate) MPEG audio support.
  • Added support for AIFF audio files.
  • Added audio scope effect when playing audio-only files.
  • Added support for YUV420 planar overlay format introduced in AmigaOS4.1.
  • Added transparency (alpha channel) support for skins making it possible to have shaped windows and other transparency effects.
  • Implemented a new type of AVI frame-skipping algorithm which achieves smoother playback on slower machines.
  • Added a requester when dragging files into DvPlayer window to ask if the files should be appended to the end of the playlist or replace the current list.
  • When current file finished playing and window is closed/reopened it is only activated if it was activated previously so that the focus is not taken away from the user who may be working in another window at that time.
  • Now a requester informs if a suitable audio codec cannot be found and even gives an option to search for available codecs online.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a DSI when volume slider was moved while no movie loaded.
  • Fixed framerate and movie length determination in AVI files which were sometimes incorrect.
  • Text in TextArea is no longer rendered without clearing the area behind it which was causing graphics corruptions with some skins
  • Solved the issue that was causing some slowdowns and delays on Sam440 systems.
  • Uses new 64-bit YUV rendering routines on systems where this leads to a performance improvement.
  • When the about window was open the main window became unresponsive. Now main window events are serviced in this case also.
  • Movie area in GUI is now only cleared during window refresh if the window's size changed. This keeps the current frame displayed when playback is paused and the window is deselected.
  • Optimized MPEG Video stream detection code to allow for faster load times.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the text area in the GUI not to be refreshed in non-overlay window mode.
  • File requesters and other requesters were always opened on Workbench even if DvPlayer was started on another screen, now it opens on the same screen as the DvPlayer window.
  • Doubled stack cookie which solves issues with playback of files with MJPEG codec when running from shell.
  • Corrected overlay alignment issues.
  • NOSKIP option now works with asf/wmv files too.
  • Corrected time display and slider position handling with asf/wmv files.
  • Changed alignment of video buffers for playback of AVI files which seems to fix the occasional decoding errors observed with some videos.
  • Several other small bug-fixes and optimizations...
This new version requires AmigaOS4.1. Click here to download the demo version.

DvPlayer 0.65 Released 18-Feb-2008
A new version of DvPlayer is now available in the download section. Changes since the previous release:
  • Added support for ASF and WMV files with prebuffering, intelligent frame-skipping, index handling and a/v synchronisation
  • Fixes and improvements to rendering routines and added support for some new YUV colour formats
  • Added USEBAND tooltype/option allowing the performance to be fine-tuned on different systems
  • Added AUTOEXIT tooltype/option
  • Added SUBTITLECHARSET tooltype/option allowing to specify any character set for subtitles (by default the system setting is used)
  • Added suport for html-style tags in subtitles: currently italic tag is used, other tags are ignored
  • Fixed bugs in subtitle support
  • Fixes and improvements in audio/video synchronisation
  • Added support for volume adjustment via provided keys on Multimedia keyboards
  • Many other bugfixes and improvements (GUI, menu, I/O plugin handling, etc.)
This new version requires the latest avcodec.library 51.52, which was recently released on OS4Depot.net.

DvPlayer 0.58 Released 22-Dec-2006
A new version of DvPlayer is now available in the download section. Changes since the previous release:
  • Added support for OpenDML AVI files
  • Fixed and improved overlay support with fullscreen overlay mode, improved speed, triplebuffering (requires AOS4.0 final), aspect ratio correction, overlay is now used by default if available
  • Fixed problem with MS-ADPCM audio (also requires avcodec.library 51.45)
  • Added multiple charset support for subtitles (DvPlayer will use the char set you have configured in your preferences)
  • Fixed a bug in window mode which caused a slowdown, now window playback is about 10% faster
  • Further improved AVI support and added workarounds for more buggy AVI files
  • Disabling Audio Boost now halves the volume instead of saturating to 100%
  • Screenblanker is now also allowed while a movie is paused
  • Added Mousewheel volume adjustment
  • Added DTS audio support for AVI files
  • Added Movie Information window (available in the Control menu)
  • Added window resize gadget possibility (new gadget ID defined for skin files)
  • Added custom pointer when mouse is moved over the window resize gadget
  • Bringing up the menu now temporarily pauses movie playback. Also mouse is temporarily turned on in fullscreen when the menu is invoked
  • Many more bugfixes and improvements (subtitle bug fixes, I/O plugin support fixes/improvements, etc.)
A new version of DvSkinTool, the tool for creating DvPlayer skins is also availble in the download section. This version fixes a serious bug, and an updated documentation is also included, which mentions the new window size gadget.

DvPlayer I/O Plugin SDK Released 19-Apr-2006
The DvPlayer I/O Plugin Software Development Kit has been finally released, allowing developers to make their own plugins for DvPlayer.

The SDK is available in the Download Area and includes the API Documentation, the source code of DvPlayer's DVD/VideoCD plugin and a plugin template sourece code.

DvPlayer Gets 6W Award in aMiGa=PoWeR Magazine 24-Aug-2006
DvPlayer has been featured in an article in the french aMiGa=PoWeR magazine, where it's been awarded the 6W award:

DvPlayer 0.54 Released 22-Dec-2006
A new version of DvPlayer is now available in the download section. Changes since the previous release:
  • Added direct DVD support
  • Added automatic detection of CD/DVD drive (no need to specify device name/unit anymore)
  • Added support for the new 64bit DOS functions so that files >2GB are now handled correctly
  • Implemented the I/O plugin system and moved the DVD/VideoCD support to an external plugin
  • Screen Blanker is now not allowed to activate while playing
  • Implemented AppWindow support so files can be dragged onto DvPlayer's window
  • Now the previous filename is remembered in the file requester when opening files
  • Window is now opened on the frontmost screen (if it's public) instead of the Workbench screen so that if it's started from a different screen it will open there.
  • Improved 6-Channel to Stereo audio conversion routines to avoid distortions which appeared with a few DVDs
  • Fixed NOTRIPLEBUFFER option (was broken when subtitle support was added)
  • Fixed sound distortions with interleaved AVI files
  • Now ensures that only complete frames are sent to the video decoder for AVI files. This should fix the problems with partially downloaded AVI files.
  • Fixed a bug in the subtitle code which caused memguard hits
  • Fixed a serious bug in GUI loading (thanks to memguard)
  • Fixed a nasty bug in the exit code which could cause random crashes

DvPlayer 0.51 Released 23-Dec-2005
A new version of DvPlayer is now available in the download section. Changes since the previous release:
  • Added subtitle support (.srt and .sub files) with automatic subtitle loading
  • Added Subtitle command line options and tooltypes (font name/size, position, colour) and a new subtitle menu to allow loading/closing of subtitles
  • Added animated dithering algorithm to 16-bit modes to improve quality (apparent colour depth) and added NODITHER tooltype and command line option
  • Volume slider could be updated by audioboost in fullscreen mode where it does not get put into the window leading to a crash
  • Added possibility to use system fonts in DvPlayer Skins. Updated the skin documentation to include information about this new feature.
  • Fixed a memory leak bug in the avi code
  • AudioBoost now doubles the volume too, instead of just extending the volume range
  • Fixed a bug causing wrong window size when skin was changed while a movie was stopped

DvPlayer 0.49 Released 26-Oct-2005
This new version fixes a bug in skin loading, which caused bad graphics corruptions/crashes on some systems.

Thanks to Szymon Tomzik for helping me find this bug!

DvPlayer 0.48 Released! 15-Oct-2005
A new version of DvPlayer is now available in the download section. Changes since the previous release:
  • Implemented on-the-fly scaling of 2:1 aspect movies
  • Added a workaround for the short buffer AHI problem
  • Added support for non-interleaved AVI files
  • Many fixes and improvements in the AVI code (prebuffering, etc.) to solve problems with most AVI files
  • Added triplebuffer for fullscreen
  • Added 32bit fullscreen support
  • Added possibility to change the skin on-the-fly
  • Added Audio Boost option
  • Many more small improvements and bugfixes

DvPlayer Update! 15-Aug-2005
A new version of DvPlayer (v0.44) is now available!

The new version addresses a bug with the demo timeout, contains some minor bugfixes and a fixed install script.

The maintainer of avcodec.library released a version of his library without any AC3 decoder until the GPL debates around it are cleared up.

DvPlayer Released! 14-Aug-2005
I am proud to announce that the first public version of DvPlayer is now available!

The demo version can be downloaded from the Downloads section.

DvPlayer Website goes online 4-Aug-2005
DvPlayer Website finally goes online!

Webdesign by Sammy Nordström, Samworks Development & Consulting.